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World of Logs Entries
The Sons of Poland is a wretched hive of scum and villainy masquerading as a strict ten man Alliance raiding guild on the US-Eredar realm.  Primarily formed from a small circle of ex-cons and demented goons in Northwest Ohio, we've grown to encompass friends from across the States.

Together, we ride the Failboat to victory... well, eventually.

Raiding Philosophy
  • Talented core group with attendance rates around 90%
  • Limited schedule to allow players to treat WoW as a hobby and not as a second job.
  • Emphasis on strong individual performance - our raid hours are limited so when we show up, we have two goals in mind:
    • Down bosses
    • Wipe on trash
Raid Times
  • Monday: 8:30pm - 11:30pm EST
  • Wednesday:  8:30pm - 11:30pm EST

Guild News
Other Guild News

Defenders of a Shattered World!

Aracela.Eredar, May 17, 11 8:13 AM.
Great night for Poland last night! We downed Al'Akir and his dumb wind tornadoes putting us at 12/12!!!!!! With that we earned the Defender of a Shattered world title and the Dark Phoenix guild mount! UP NEXT... HEROIC HALFUS! Once again congrats to Poland for a job well done!! 


Nefarian Kill Video!

Aracela.Eredar, May 10, 11 11:24 PM.
As promised everyone please enjoy! 


Aracela.Eredar, May 10, 11 8:22 AM.
Great night for poland last night and finally downing Nef, putting us 11/12! Next on the list is Al'Akir! Great job poland! COMING VERY SOON NEF KILL VIDEO!

Still Progressing!

Aracela.Eredar, Apr 1, 11 8:24 PM.
Few weeks have past since my last update, but we are still kickin it and still raiding. We have had alot of bumbs the past few weeks with schedule conflicts and what nots so no new boos kill updates just yet. BUT, soon enough we will take down that nasty Nefarian! SO stay tuned my friends! I'll also put up a new video soon enough! That is if i ever get my damn epic shoulders :(  

CHO'GALL DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!

Aracela.Eredar, Mar 1, 11 8:24 AM.
Poland had an amazing night and kicked Cho'gall right in the FACE! Awesome job guys! 

Drops: Twilight`s Hammer (Item)Coil of Ten-Thousand Screams (Item), and Joe got his tier shoulders! 

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